Nature Lab

Fully excited we long for summer, with pleasurable excesses energizing our lives. Riffle explodes in color. We unharness ourselves from our powdery coats and proudly take the stage. Mustard Yellow, Royal Blue and Apricot Orange. Our children explore the forests with binoculars and magnifying glasses. They respectfully gather seeds from mother nature and keep them save in little glass jars. Now, they can watch the seeds unfold when put in light or dark. Or study what happens if a seed germinates on a cotton pad. Will things change if we add color to the water? They experiment and research. Study the results with their magnifying glasses. Riffle loves the summer, and this is reflected in our range: shorts, dresses and skirts (a bit shorter even). Designed with freedom of movement and play in mind. The subtle details give a festive look. Dresses with matching bloomers, although different styles can be mixed as well. In fact, this collection is better mixable than ever! Sweaters with shorts. More combinations, more looks. It’s your party. 




January 10, 2024 — Sjoerd Rameckers