Another Me

In this Riffle collection, we look inwards and reflect deeply on our own us. Finding out more about ourselves, who we are, our family tree, our ancestors.
Our family’s history has crafted, layer by layer, our inner self. Eagerness to understand the spiritual dynamics within our family is rising. As humans, we are at our best surrounded by nature, with autumn’s treasures around us. Taking a nature bath. Breathing in fresh forest air. Limping in our thoughts, is this real?  In this collection we continue to limp. Transparent prints, colors intermingling, printed on a solid but soft sweat offering comfort and warmth. Wovens in diamond shape, with colors overflowing abundantly and brushed on the inside indulging us in softness. Finished with a cotton lining or collar, like in this season’s jackets. You will see layered baby fashion in the winter of 2023. A blouse with sweater and scarf. Or a dress with cardigan and scarf. You will find  the typical Riffle styles and lots of new add-ons, like a basic t-shirt in an ocean green jersey and much more.
January 10, 2024 — Sjoerd Rameckers