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With your feet on dry land and one toe that gently touches the water. A ripple. The waves are small, but the effect is great. More and more circles echo over the water. Leaves on the ground, crackling under your shoes. Rustle. Clearly heard, yet subtle. A favorite book, fingers that glide along the pages. Pages full of adventure and words that tell the best stories.


Riffle stands for ripple, rustling, natural, shallow, dreamy, sweet, naughty and willful. With the collections of Riffle we open all senses and stare at the earth, water and air. Treasures can be small animals, stones or old coins. A fish that shoots away in an aquatic plant or a bird that spreads its wings for the first time. We seek happiness in quirky and funny creatures. We can feel everything around us, even with our eyes closed. Wind, grass, sand. A natural palette of powdery colors in combination with a powerhouse, such as the shiny gold of a sunset or the dark blue of a swirling winter air. The first Riffle collection is characterized by baggy pants, suits and sweaters in combination with shorts or skirts. And everything is made with airy fabrics that drape smoothly and sit comfortably. Freedom of movement is the basis......a riffle only occurs from motion.

________ MARLEEN RAMECKERS _______

Playtime Paris

Riffle germinated without anyone knowing about it. After 14 years of building the Snoozebaby brand with great dedication and passion, it was time for a new challenge. I found the choice for collection in clothing very interesting and varied because you can build a collection from scratch within a theme every season. The dynamics are very different, but after two seasons we were completely in it. We try to think from the baby which items are comfortable and see from the parents what looks visually as attractive as possible. We try to make at least two styles in each collection very different from what is available so far. For summer 2020, this was the salopette for the girls and the bucket summer hats. For the winter collection, we opted for cool ponchos, cool outer suits and a Japanese balon dress. There is also always a very lovely flower or blossom print. In addition, the unisex prints are slightly more daring and everything can be combined with each other. We sometimes repeat the fabrics that have worked very well in a season to emphasize the brand's identity a little more. The sizes are from 50 to 116 and the label is GOTS certified. In addition, we only produce what has been ordered to prevent over production in this way. We are now sold at a number of stores in the Netherlands and we work with agents in Japan, USA, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, China and the Middle East. 

Marleen Rameckers - founder Riffle

___________ JANNEKE VENS ________

My name is Janneke and I design and develop the Riffle collection. If you are pregnant you would like to have everything in order for your child. The bed nicely made, the clothes ready and the room completely finished. During your pregnancy there is enough time to prepare everything so that your little one feels completely welcome. With this experience in my head I work on the computer and by hand on the collection. The styles I design and develop have a playful interplay of material, shape, color and design. Designs are important to Riffle because our products can be recognized by them and are therefore easy to combine with each other. Because the color image has been tested against current trends, the styles can be combined very well with other brands. The base materials for Riffle should be soft and as natural as possible. Janneke - proud designer