Nature retreat 

We sway in a hand-woven basket underneath a big colourful air balloon. A spot for ourselves to read our favourite books, bring our cuddles and softest down pillows to. A balloon flight over old forest and large corn fields. We listen to nature, trying to hear what the trees are telling us. Are the corn stalks whispering? We float high in the sky, the clouds lulling us to sleep and the sun kissing us awake. Air so pure and clear blue, clouds showing us their diverse shades of white and feeling softer than ever.

This whispering, softness and dreaminess is reflected in Riffle’s view on the summer of 2022. Various paperlike white teints combined with several brown and forestgreen colours. We long for comfortable clothing made of soft fabrics. The choice for soft textiles has become part of Riffle’s DNA as well as the styles making playing easy and fit the baby’s body perfectly. Known styles continue to be part of SS22 such our famous newborn suits, leggings and t-shirts. This summer collection you will see size 98/104 included.

SS22 brings you lots of new styles too, like pinafores, dresses, skirts and the popular salopettes in long and short version….and summer jackets! Sizes up to 98/104 




November 14, 2022 — Sjoerd Rameckers