Rustic cottage 

Rustic Cottage idealizes rural life in Finland. Wooden houses with nature and space. Roofs overgrown with mosses. Fantasy and the simple country life gives our family calmness and a feeling of nostalgia. Living with the seasons and loving animals to care for and cuddle around the house. It gives our children a sense of security and a safe home base. They build huts, pull our cotton sheets from the laundry basket, bake their own bread and drink tea. With Rustic Cottage we see the new aesthetics of home cooking, the use of natural and rustic materials, intimacy, gardening and handicrafts. We go back to this basis with the new winter collection from Riffle.

The theme lends itself to a color palette focusing on milky off whites in combination with warm brown and natural tones. We focus on soft qualities of fabrics that can be played in. Soft, warm hairy cotton, rib waffle, brushed woven and quilt. We are going to appeal to a new target group, with nice woven suits and flared trousers and expand the measuring range up to size 98/104. There are well-known styles that return, such as our favorite leggings and t-shirts. And new in the collection are the loose-fitting dresses and the woven playsuits, which are nice to combine with a waistcoat. 



November 14, 2022 — Sjoerd Rameckers