With the rising sun in our face, we long for the upcoming seasons: spring and summer. Spring to us symbolizes new life, seeds who come to fruition, bees having their feast, eggs are being laid and young animals explore the green world. Everyone aims towards the sun. We turn our minds more and more to nature to follow the cycle of the seasons. We wonder with our kids through orchards to show them where our fruits come from. Sparkling blossoms burst open with their many colours reflected in our blossom print, on thin Indian cotton. We dare to show Riffle’s real face. In the same orchard we find little chicken, their feathers flying in the air, to be picked up and stored in our home-made jewelry boxes. This Spring/Summer we stick to our powdery pallet of colors and yet at the same time dare to use some more brighter/shinier colors. Some known AW19 styles return in the SS20 though on new materials. This summer’s fabrics have been hand-picked and stand for an airy and fine fit, or a slimfit like the tricots. This collection features harem pants, new suits and new socks. Sweaters combined with short pants are our favourite and are part of this collection. 



November 14, 2022 — Sjoerd Rameckers