Gentle wilderness 

Slowly, the warm season transfers to the cooler autumn period. Secretly, we all like to hold on for a bit longer to our outdoor living. Our kids playing with water, birds in the sand and the wind blowing through our children’s hair. Lazing around under the trees. Sand is changing from sand to dark soil. Animals preparing their holes for the darker days and gather their winter stock. Did you spot the hedgehogs roaming around? With the days becoming shorter, the nocturnal animals show up more frequently. At home, longer evenings with a child on your lab reading a book have come. To hangout in your warm jumper. Kale and rhubarb, with their wonderful colors and structures, get all the attention they deserve.

This atmosphere is reflected in Riffle’s AW2020 collection, breathing pure softness. Recognizable colours, returning with in combination with new hues, create a supurb sense of autumn. Brushed sweat dresses in combination with maillot or legging, jacquard cardigans and suits, woolly hats, gloves and warm booties, great new winter coats. Special details can be found in embroidery, designs and applications. With more than love, Riffle’s designer sets her own signature. Riffle’s collection has been created around materials and shapes, nourishing free movement and play. Small hidden jokes are incorporated and each item can be perfectly mixed and matched. 



November 14, 2022 — Sjoerd Rameckers