In this collection we connect ourselves with Mother Earth. Pre-historic cave drawings and overseas sandlines create a scenery of ancient mystical wisdom and links to gods and mysteries from a far past. We have great respect for antiquity and historical stories and gratefully share those with our kids around a campfire. We call on nature to share her wisdom and inspire us. This thinking is reflected in our colour palette, using warm neutral colors: almost edible lycee, biscuit and cream combined with dark colored crockery of ebony and Eldarit: 3 billion year old rock. This mineral rock is created by the first algae living on our planet making you to go deep inside yourself, generating unique and powerful energy. This wonderfully special uni color is setting the tone in collection. Our styles remain simplistic though with more eye for detail. The soft and finest fabrics will feel like a second skin. Comfortably warm hairy cotton, rib, brushed woven and quilt. Woven skirt and playsuits, flared pants. Loved styles such as our favorite leggings and t-shirts will be available in this new collection. Riffle sizes range from 50-116. 


November 10, 2022 — Sjoerd Rameckers